Sofia to Gostilitsa

These instructions take you from Sofia Airport, Terminal 1.

1.  Between arrivals and departures is a bus stop.  Take bus number 84 to the Hotel Pliska.  You can buy your ticket from the driver for 1 lev.  (Large suitcases also need a ticket).  On the windows you will see small metal boxes.  Place your ticket inside and lift up the metal bar hard to punch your tickets to validate them.  Inspectors get on frequently to check tickets.  The Pliska stop is just after going round a massive roundabout (after about 30 minutes on the bus).  It's on the right side of the road and you'll probably see lots of people and several stalls selling fruit etc.

2.  From the Hotel Pliska change to bus 213 or 214.  the digital display will tell you how many minutes till the bus arrives.  Again pay the driver for 1 lev ticket(s).  At the end of the line (about another 30 minutes travel) you will see the big glass fronted Central Bus Station on the right.

3.  Inside the bus station to the right of the main doors are the general ticket desks where you can buy your ticket.  Almost opposite this, suspended from the ceiling, is the big departures board telling you when the buses go and from which stand (although your ticket also tells you this).  The stands are all clearly numbered outside.  When I did this journey I bought a ticket to Gabrovo but you could also go via Sevlievo or Veliko Tarnovo (though you'd need to find out the connections from there to the village).

4.  At Gabrovo go into the ticket hall and go to desk 3.  (It should have a list of destinations next to this window and Dryanovo will be amongst them).  Buy a ticket for 3.50 levs.  Alternatively just pay on the bus.  The minibus to Dryanovo departs from Sector A.  As you leave the ticket hall, turn right and proceed to the furthest stand.  This is sector A.

5.  Get off in Dryanovo in the main square and cross over the road to the large wooden building. This is where the minibus to Gostilitsa departs from.  Costs 3 levs, just pay the driver.  The bus may take a rather circuitous route via Yantra.

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