Enter Gabrovo as described in the shopping section and turn left towards Billa.  After passing the supermarket, turn right across a bridge and the House of Humour and Satire is on the right hand corner.  You can recognise it from the various statues outside of Don Quixote on a donkey, Charlie Chaplin, and others.

The museum is housed on several floors, the lower one being dedicated to Gabrovo and cats.  There are numerous funny anecdotes about the stingeiness of Gabrovians (think of every tight Scotsman joke you ever heard), one of which claims that they cut the tails off their cats so that they can shut the door more quickly when letting it in or out, thereby saving on the heating.  A tail-less cat has become one of the lasting symbols of Gabrovo.  One of the displays in the cat section features different tails a cat can wear for different occasions, from a camouflaged hunting tail to a very ornate going out tail.  (Click for video of the cat section)

Most of the displays are labelled in English.

The other floors of the museum house humourous art exhibitions from all around the world and also have a section dedicated to the annual humour festival which takes place in Gabrovo during May every year.

The museum is open every day (closed on Sundays in winter) from 9am - 6pm and costs 3 levs for adults.

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