HOME:  An introduction to the site.

ABOUT ME: Who am I... why am I here...?  Nothing so deep, just a few words about yours truly.

MY HOUSE:  An overview of how I came to buy my house and the renovation process.

DEAR DIARY...:  A blog of events and mishaps during my time in Gostilitsa.

GOSTILITSA:  Useful information about the village itself.  This is subdivided into 4 categories.

          The Village:  Places in the village itself (shops, post office, bars), internet links to articles mentioning the village

          Transport:  Local minibus, links to national train and bus transport sites, how to get from Sofia to Gostilitsa by bus.

          Shopping:  Supermarkets, markets and shops in neighbouring towns.

          Events:  Details of coming celebrations and exhibitions in the village. You are guaranteed a warm welcome and a great insight into Bulgarian culture.

PRACTICALITIES:  More for people who intend to live here.  Insurance, paying bills, bank accounts, identity card, buying a car, medical, hairdressers

PLACES TO VISIT:  Tourist information and links to places easily reached from Gostilitsa.

LANGUAGE:  Advice and useful links for anyone wishing to learn Bulgarian.

VIDEO CLIPS:  Links to short videos I've taken of various things.

USEFUL LINKS:  More sites such as the weather, news, tourist board etc.


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